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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ron Paul's Big Day

I am an avid supporter of Ron Paul and was waiting for yesterday to happen. I knew what This November Fifth was, but I had no idea it would be so big. Ron Paul supporters donated $5 each on This November Fifth. He totaled $4.2 million in donations in just that one day. Those are record breaking numbers for single day fundraising. This truly shows the number of supporters out there for Ron Paul. The media may finally take knowledge of who Ron Paul is and cover him like the do with other top candidates. This event happened just in time too. His name will now be out there right before primaries and caucuses in Iowa, South Carolina, and New Hampshire(all key states) and Paul will be fresh in voters mind. I think he has a legitimate chance of winning some states. For those of you who don't know Ron Paul let me tell you some facts.
  • He has never voted to raise taxes
  • He is for a balanced budget
  • He does not want gun restriction
  • He does not want to raise congressional pay
  • He voted against the Iraq War
  • He is not taking his congressional pension

Look him up on google or go to and learn.

Steelers Rolling

Two years ago the Steelers seemed to be a team everybody loved. They had their improbable run to win the Super Bowl. Jerome Bettis played the last game of his career in his hometown for the Super Bowl victory and Big Ben stepped in and became a young quarterback worth discussing.

Last year they failed to make the playoffs. Big Ben had a horrible season throwing more interceptions than touchdowns and missing games due to a motorcycle accident and an appendectomy.

This year they were under the radar after last season's performance. They weren't talked about much. And this year they are playing like they did in 2005. Ben is throwing the ball accurately and taking control of his offense. The defense is shutting other teams down consistently. The running game isn't as strong as a typical Steeler team but it is still strong. Who should credit for this year be going to? Should we give credit to Big Ben for taking a bigger leadership role? The defense for getting the offense the ball? The coaches for giving the offense more freedom? Tell me what you think and how far the Steelers will go? You certainly have to consider a strong playoff run with their dominance of the Eagles in last night's game.