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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ron Paul at Iowa Football Game

This weekend Ron Paul will be at the University of Iowa football game tailgating and watching the game. This is an excellent chance to get to meet Congressman Paul. I think this is an excellent place to visit for Ron Paul. Ron Paul is in need of Iowa support and Iowa students are a big part of their election. Coming to this game shows that Ron Paul can connect with young people and it will show the students of the University of Iowa that he actual cares enough about their generation and them that he will go and tailgate with them and watch the game as if he were a college student himself.

This will give Ron Paul and Iowa students a chance to meet and talk possible about politics, but in a fun and energetic enviroment. They will be able to not only have focus on politics and the stress but Ron can answer questions of these students while they are getting ready for a football game, one of the things that brings a whole campus together. This is an excellent move for Ron Paul and I would encourage all Iowans to try to make it here and talk with Ron Paul in a relaxed enviroment where everything doesn't have to be about politics.