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Friday, November 9, 2007

Are closer primaries going to hurt Ron Paul?

With the primaries being punished by the GOP for moving their date up, yet still refusing to move them back, I have one question. Will the closer primary/caucus dates hurt Ron Paul?

My thought would be yes. It gives Ron less time to advertise and gain more on the GOP poll leaders. It also gives him the disadvantage of not having extra time to campaign. I believe that with him being less known due to less time to publicize himself, his chances of winning are slimmer. I am not saying he can't win, and I sure hope he does, but is it possible without the extra time.

Ron Paul needs to get into more debates also, and with FOX trying to keep from their debates, it also again keeps his publicity down and his message spreading unspread. Not only does he need to be in debates but he needs to participate in them more actively and if he does not have the extra months to join debates, he will not get the extra participation he needs. Debates aren't just going to let him go from almost no time to significant time in one debate and that is why he needs more debates.

Personally, I think the closer dates for these primaries and caucuses will hinder his chances. Let me know what you think.

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