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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Review: Ron Paul Interviewed on The Situation Room

Today Ron Paul was interviewed on The Situation Room. The Interview will be replayed during today's 6PM ET show if you missed it. Now how did it go for Congressman Paul?

The interview went fairly well for Ron Paul. He was asked some tough questions in the short time and put in a tough situations having to do with some of the things that he was the only voter in Congress voting no, but he backed his reasons well and defended himself flawlessly without going away from his values one bit.

When asked why he voted no to giving Rosa Parks a gold member, he covered it perfectly by first saying that he had no problem giving her the medal. He stated that he would give her the medal if the American people did not have to pay for it. He even said he would pitch in to pay for it and all congressmen should too instead of making the people pay for it. Typical of Ron Paul and I think it was perfect for the time that got his message across.

He also was persuasive on how big the Ron Paul bandwagon is by acknowledging how little he had to do with This November Fifth.

Overall I would say this short interview went well. He said nothing that would jeopardize his campaign, even when the questions asked seemed to be trying to jeopardize his campaign by making him look heartless. He turned around those questions to hurt him into answers that should help him. The viewers watching that didn't previously know much about Ron Paul will have more reason to look him up and possible support him than they have to ignore him because of what Ron Paul said. Good interview Ron.

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