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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ron Paul on Rise

I have decided that I will be posting a daily article about Ron Paul everyday. I am a Ron Paul supporter and feel that I need to write about him. Check back each night and there will be a new Ron Paul article for you to read.

Today I will focus on Ron Paul and This November Fifth's impact on the media and publicity of Ron Paul.

Many know of Ron Paul's record breaking fundraising money on November 5th. But what effect does it have on Ron Paul in the media and Ron Paul publicity?

Ron Paul has been left out of many debates, he is despised by FOX, and has even had his discussions banned by Sean Hannity. But this event has brought his name in national media all over. Ron Paul is finally getting his name and all supporters of him are liking the publicity. So with supporters constantly begging for more coverage of Ron Paul, why is FOX and Hannity refusing to cover him? This is one thing I don't understand. CNN has no problem covering Ron Paul. MSNBC has no problem covering Ron Paul. Why does FOX have that problem with covering Ron Paul?

The publicity on CNN (he will be on The Situation Room tomorrow) is certainly going to give him a better shot at winning with more people knowing about him, but FOX is deliberately leaving him out of debates or keeping his participation in debates to a minimal. In a few upcoming debates in key primary states, FOX has refused to allow Ron Paul join the debates.

I would like to see some sort of revolt or something that will get Ron Paul back on FOX or another action, possibly by another TV station, to get Paul in the mainstream media without FOX. I mean, look what it would be like if Paul wins the nomination. Will FOX still keep him off of their station? How would that work?

Adam "Pacman" Jones remains Suspended for Season

Troubled Tennessee Titans cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones recently met with commissioner Roger Goodell and was told that he will remain suspended for the remainder of his season-long suspension. Jones was suspended by Goodell for the 2007 season following multiple run-ins with police and his posse being involved in a fight in Las Vegas where gunshots from Jones' group left a security guard paralyzed.

Jones was given the option to meet with Goodell after 10 games to analyze his suspension. If he was found to have served his suspension well without any trouble, Goodell could have lifted his suspension.

The thing we saw when Tank Johnson and Chris Henry had to finish their suspensions after meeting with Goodell was certainly bad news for Jones. We know Goodell is hard and doesn't look like he has any plans to go soft on anybody. Is this what the NFL needs to straighten its players?

What does this mean for Pacman? What does this mean for the Titans?

Well the Titans knew about Pacman's suspension before the season and they picked up players to fill his spot. The only effect this will have on the Titans is the return game. The defense has been better this year with Nick Harper, Cortland Finnegan, Reynaldo Hill, and Kelly Herndon playing superbly this season.

To Pacman this doesn't really mean anything. It hurts his career, but he will most likely come in fit and ready to play next year. He has already served the first 10 games and I don't think it will affect him too much to miss the last 6.

Is Brownback's Support Enough for McCain

Just weeks after dropping out of the race for the GOP bid for President, former hopeful Sam Brownback makes the decision to give his support to still hopeful John McCain. With McCain recently falling from polls and spiraling downward, I ask "Is Brownback's support enough to significantly help out the McCain campaign?"

Certainly Brownback's backing of McCain will help him, but really the only state Brownback had real strong support in was Iowa, and we cannot guarantee that even most of Brownback supporters will follow him to McCain. Certainly some of them will as they care only about Brownback, but others may not. Especially with McCain's take on same-sex marriage not being what Brownback supported and why some supporters supported Brownback.

This also comes on the heels of Paul Weyrich, a Moral Majority co-found, giving his backing to Mitt Romney and Pat Robertson, a televangelist, beginning to support Rudy Guiliani. You have to wonder if Brownback's support is even close to what Weyrich and Robertson bring to the campaigns of Romney and Guiliani respectively. Can Brownback's support help McCain compete with Guiliani and Romney? Can Brownback's support bring McCain back to the top of polls? We will have to wait for primaries to see how it really pays off.