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Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Dollar in Ten Years without Ron Paul

One of the major selling points Ron Paul had to get me to support him is his stance on the soundness of the American dollar. It has made me think about what will be made of the dollar if Ron Paul cannot win the election and work to return to a sound dollar.

None of the other candidates in this election have even said anything about the dollar which means chances are they arent thinking about it. This means that these candidates will probably continue the unsafe spending of presidents in recent history. We have been spending more than we have and the country is in a $3 trillion debt. Yet we are still printing more and more paper money everyday, but not getting any real money to back it up as we are actually losing money each day. The value of the dollar goes down with each bill printed, with each day, with each loan we take out from another country.

If we leave this to be fixed by a president who isn't even talking about it how can we move increasing the value of the dollar? The value of a dollar is as low as it has ever been and decreasing each day. I am scared to think about what my life will be like in 10 years with a low valued dollar. What will I be getting each day for work? Nothing? Close to it. Think of how hard traveling overseas will become. Trading currency will be nearly impossible. You will need twice as many dollars to get a certain amount of foreign currency as you do today.

That is one of my major hooks that have me connected to Ron Paul. Ron Paul had me when he talked about returning to sound money. I am still young and this is a big part of my future. He has me with how he plans to cut government spending so we do not need to loan as much and can begin to pay off our debts. As we pay of these debts we will be returning value to our dollar because our money will not just be paper, it will not belong to another country, it will belong to us and the paper dollars will be back by our country's gold and that is what we truly need. We cannot stay a power or have any economic standing in the world in the future if we cannot return to a sound dollar and that is what has me following Ron Paul.

Candidates Rely too Much on Advisers

In recent news Mitt Romney's advisers have told him not to give a speech on his Mormon faith. This brings me to wonder whether or not the actual candidates can do much of anything on their own without advisers. Romney had said he wanted to give a speech to explain his Mormon faith, but his political advisers are telling him not to.

So this brings me to this thought. Politicians rely too much on their advisers. As voters, are we voting for a candidate or his advisers? It seems as though we vote for their advisers. The candidates are just their because of their history, but what they do on campaigns to get people to vote for them looks as if their advisers are the ones telling them what to do.

Think about this, most candidates have some one who writes their speeches, so how do you know if what the candidate is saying is what he wants to be saying. An advisers usually tells candidates where to campaign, so how do you know if the candidate truly feels like getting the type of people his advisers tell him to go after?

The campaigns of each man have so many different employees and advisers, it makes me wonder. How can a person run our country if they can't run their own campaign? How can we expect the candidate to make the right decisions in the White House if he can't even make his own decisions to get to the White House?

I do not think that I can trust a candidate to run the country that I love and live for if he cannot do much of anything on his own. I can understand if you have some employees because you can't campaign everywhere at once, but having other people tell you what to give speeches on or not should not be part of these campaigns.

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