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Saturday, November 10, 2007

What Impact does the New Hampshire Primary have on Ron Paul?

Here I pose a question to you and I ask for your feedback on this one. What effect will the New Hampshire primary, the first primary, have on Ron Paul and his chances at the Republican presidential bid?

The New Hampshire primary, being the first primary in the nation, sets the tone for the rest of the nation's primaries and caucuses. The primary is known as a key one to win and has a big impact on the campaigns for the rest of the primary season.

I believe that this state can make or break the chances of Ron Paul.

If Ron Paul happens to win this state it will give the media nothing to talk bad about him with. It will finally silence the media and they won't be able to use the "spam" excuse and say his voters cheated in the primary. It will also give him an extra boost in publicity as the media surely can't ignore Ron winning this state and if it does it will give all of us supporters more to feed to others on how he has been shut down by the media. This boost will give Ron Paul nearly all the moment going into the other states and will allow people to feel possible more comfortable voting him knowing he has a chance (I do know of many people who vote for their second favorite candidates because their first they believe has no chance of winning).

On the other side of the wall, if Ron Paul doesn't win the state, even if its by the slimmest of margins, the media will keep feeding the "Ron Paul has no chance and is made up of only supporters who make him look popular". The media will continue to make him out as a failure even this early in the primary season. Media is Ron's biggest enemy and if he doesn't do well early they will make him seem like an unpopular choice overall making him less popular to those who have yet to vote.

That is my input, but this something I want to hear from what other supporters or naysayers have to say. So leave some comments and I will respond. I would like to see what is seen out there about Ron Paul and what he needs early.

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Why Is Ron Paul So Popular? I Like Him

I have been supporting Ron Paul for awhile now, but with his support growing quickly, I wanted to ask: Why is Ron Paul so popular? I support him and below are the reasons that I think most people are supporting him for.

Ron Paul seems to be the only real conservative in the race. Even some Democrats seem more conservative than some Republican candidates. So why are all the Republican candidates claiming they are the most conservative? Why does every Republican compare himself to Reagan? If you look at their views on issues, you see they are not conservative. So if they lie about how conservative they are to get a few extra votes, how are they honest enough to lead our country? The answer is they are not. I would have no problem with candidates that weren't as conservative as Ron Paul, but only if they didn't lie about it.

Ron Paul to me seems to be the only candidate close to being conservative. He is the only one who openly speaks of abolishing some government agencies that are basically not needed. He is also one of the only candidate who does not talk about how much they are going to change the country on their own, which means with the federal government. Paul speaks about not changing the country on his own, but allowing more freedom to each state to make it's choice, which will ultimately all the people to choose by region or area and will also cut spending by not having to pay for everything needed for the federal government to get something done.
Ron Paul is also against war, another usually Republican and conservative view. Why do so many "Republicans" support the war, which has been against the party mostly since before Bush? The party needs somebody to get them back on the values they have held for years. I believe that man is Ron Paul and that is why I support him as the presidential candidate for the Republican bid. I want to get back to the ideas of our former leaders. I want to get back to the Constitution.

The Constitution was not written for no reason. It was written to keep this country under control. So why do we have so many politicians and government officials going against the document written to keep us as free country? Government has way too much power and is easily ignoring the Constitution. Ron Paul believes in the Constitution and I believe is one of the only candidates who will actually attepmt to do what he says.

That is all I have to say about conservatism and Ron Paul. My last point is Ron Paul is one of the only candidates against interventionism which will lessen our debt, give us more money to spend to better the country, and is the only candidate that I think will be able to unite this country.

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