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Friday, November 16, 2007

Ron Paul in Rudy 300

I have just seen the Rudy 300 video made by a Rudy Guiliani supporter and I saw Ron Paul in the video of supposed "villains" to America. I have to ask this though, Ron Paul a villain but not Kerik? Oh yeah, thats right Rudy supports Kerik. Whose the one with villainoues ties now? Ron Paul? Nope. Rudy Guiliani? Yes.

I find this video overly hypocritic of putting in it Ron Paul, who has never had any socialization with a major criminal. Should they have put Rudy in the movie too, even though it was for him. If we want to be politically correct, they should have because Rudy has multiple ties to crime, especially with new ones breaking the surface. But remember this is the Rudy campaign supporters, and they aren't politically correct so why make their video politically correct?

Ron Paul as a threat to America? Ron Paul is the answer to threats to America. Ron Paul will save money by protecting America with DEFENSE (it is called the Department of Defense, not Offense). Ron Paul can threaten our government how? Nobody knows because that question is an incorrect question. He can't threaten the government.

Rudy Guiliani on the other hand sure can. Rudy, with his criminal ties in NYC, has already let one disaster happen in 9/11 (better security next time buddy). And now we want to trust him with the whole country. Stupid. Rudy has stated he has no problems going into Iran and Pakistan. So let's see here, thats more troops we have to send there meaning that is more troops we have here to SECURE our borders and protect the people. How is starting wars protecting the people? It's not, it's endangering the people.

Still think Ron Paul is a criminal? You must be too scared of him that you the maker of this video had to portray him as a villain. Rudy Guiliani is the real criminal to the American people.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ron Paul at Iowa Football Game

This weekend Ron Paul will be at the University of Iowa football game tailgating and watching the game. This is an excellent chance to get to meet Congressman Paul. I think this is an excellent place to visit for Ron Paul. Ron Paul is in need of Iowa support and Iowa students are a big part of their election. Coming to this game shows that Ron Paul can connect with young people and it will show the students of the University of Iowa that he actual cares enough about their generation and them that he will go and tailgate with them and watch the game as if he were a college student himself.

This will give Ron Paul and Iowa students a chance to meet and talk possible about politics, but in a fun and energetic enviroment. They will be able to not only have focus on politics and the stress but Ron can answer questions of these students while they are getting ready for a football game, one of the things that brings a whole campus together. This is an excellent move for Ron Paul and I would encourage all Iowans to try to make it here and talk with Ron Paul in a relaxed enviroment where everything doesn't have to be about politics.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ron Paul Lives in the rEVOLutionaries

The thing that has been striking me lately is that Ron Paul's campaign has been making big things happen... without the help of Ron Paul or his employees. We are the ones making this happen. This November Fifth was the biggest thing to hit an election that was not organized by the campaign itself.

What I need to say is that Ron Paul lives inside each and every one of us. We are the rEVOLutionaries. I feel like we put so much of our effort, making our own signs, making our own campaign literature, organizing our own events to promote Ron Paul, because we feel like that as Ron Paul runs for president, we are also running. As a supporter, it feels like he taps into something inside of me that makes me feel like the man running and that is why I put forth the work I do.

This must mean that Ron Paul punches supporters with his views on issues right into our hearts and we feel so strongly about him and his views that feel like if he loses, we lose our liberty. And this seems to be the case with many Ron Paul supporters I have talked to. We put forth our own time and effort because we all realize that Ron Paul was an underdog, we realize that he needs the support we give him, and most of all we realize that we will lose what the United States were founded on if we do not convince others that Ron Paul is a true presidential candidate.

I have seen many different events organized solely on that of different MeetUp groups or with just a group of friends who convert others to Ron Paul to help them. I have seen and heard of many cases where Ron Paul supporters show up to rallies for other candidates to try to convert others to Ron Paul. These are things that you might expect a campaign to do, but we do this voluntarily. Ron Paul does not have to contact his supporters to get them to do something to help him, we find out what needs to be done and we do it for him so he can spend more time on the campaign trail doing what needs to be done.

We are, as rEVOLutionaries, the body of Ron Paul. Ron Paul is not like other candidates that have supporters just because their supporters feel there is just no one else better to vote for so they might as well vote for them. Ron Paul supporters actually feel strongly about his views. We feel strongly about our candidate, so strongly that we donate and donate and donate our hard-earned money so that we can feel a stability in our future with a Ron Paul presidency. We work and work and work for Ron Paul so that we can feel safe that our military is out of harms way, our friends and family being out of the war zone. And we give much of our time convincing others and converting others to Ron Paul. We spend hours on the Internet talking about Ron Paul with others because we feel strongly enough that we can carry on hours of conversation about Ron Paul. No other campaign can have thousands of supporters just sitting around and talking about them for hours except Ron Paul.

We come to Ron Paul's aid when he needs it. We will drop everything for our candidate. If Ron Paul is insulted, we responded by the masses to criticize those who insult him, we gather by the masses to show our support and get Ron Paul in the news when others are dismissing him as a serious candidate. If Ron Paul needs us, we are there.

We are the best supporters in all of politics. We are the ideal supporter who is supporting because they feel strongly for a candidate, not because the candidate is a popular choice. We are the most determined in all of politics. We will fight for our liberty and country no matter what it takes. We are all people of different gender, age, and race united under the principle that our country was founded. We are people who would never even speak that have been brought together by Ron Paul. We are a nation united from East to West. We do this through Ron Paul, with Ron Paul, and for Ron Paul.
We make the Revolution happen. We are the Ron Paul Revolutionaries. And we will never forget.

Mukasey Sworn in As Attorney General

Michael Mukasey was sworn in as the attorney general today by President Bush. He says he plans to be independent. He seems like he should have been the right man for the job long ago. With 18 years of experience, he is known as a fair judge while he served on the bench after being appointed by President Reagan. He is praised for making the right calls in key cases involving terrorism. He has also been the Chief Judge of the Federal Court system.

Mukasey is known for his toughness on national security cases, especially terrorism, while still being fair. He remained tough on those in the trial of 1995 for the 1993 planned terrorist attack on New York City by sentencing the two main defendants to life in prison. He also maintained that the government could hold Jose Padillas without charging him. He did, however, allow Padillas to meet with his lawyers, which is required to have a fair trial.

Mukasey is the right man for this job. He is a tough judge that won't budge on things that the Constitution says to charge for. He makes sure the punishments are severe enough to make the point of the trial worth it. He also is an acception to what most of us are used to, government corruption. He has allowed fair trials to his cases by allowing the defendants to meet with lawyers and give them a fair trial with an unbiased view. He doesn't let his views get in the way of true justice and that is what makes him a good judge. A judge must remain open to the trial and allow a fair trial without letting personals get in the way of another person's future. Mukasey allows this. He is the right man for this job with his expertise, experience, and fairness in law.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thompson more Conservative than Ron Paul? How

Recently, I have received many messages and e-mails saying that Fred Thompson is more conservative than Ron Paul. They gave me links to places to prove their point. I read them and could not figure out how Thompson is more conservative than Ron Paul.

To me, conservatism is being as small as possible in other countries affairs that have nothing to do with us. Ron Paul wants to bring troops home. Fred Thompson wants to keep our troops in other countries to "protect our country." How does having troops somewhere else and not here protect us. Sure the countries we have troops in may not be killing each other (because they are killing us), but that gives us less people to protect us as Americans if there is a terrorist attack. How do you protect by being miles and miles away?

Thompson more conservative than Ron Paul? I don't see it.

Monday, November 12, 2007

I Will Give All my Earning from my blog to Ron Paul Tea Party

I will be giving all earnings from this blog that I get from this blog to Ron Paul at the Tea Party event. From now until December 16 all my earnings will be saved and given to Ron Paul. This is my way of helping out Ron Paul through this blog. I don't need the money, but Ron Paul's campaign does, and that is saying that America does.

If you yourself want to donate, please go to the site for this money bomb that I hope puts Paul over his 4th Quarter fundraising goal.

Ron Paul ahead of Thompson in New Hampshire, still a long shot

In recent poll in New Hampshire Ron Paul is polling ahead of a so called GOP front-runner in Fred Thompson. Ron Paul is still considered a long shot however. Ron Paul is also dangerously close to passing Thompson in Iowa.

So I have to wonder, how is Ron Paul a long shot while Thompson is still a front-runner? Ron Paul polls ahead of Thompson in two of the most important primary states. Ron Paul is clearly still on the rise as his polling numbers have been increasing steadily throughout the year.

The media is finally taking note of Ron Paul as a serious candidate also. He is getting publicity through media that is not trying to put him down and relish him to nothing. Recently he has had more coverage on CNN by far than Thompson, and I am not just talking about after the money-bomb, but also before. Ron Paul also fundraises as a front-runner.

This is what truly puzzles me. The coverage and fundraising and polling is as good or better for Ron Paul than Fred Thomspon, yet nobody is recognizing Paul as a front-runner, but have no problem in saying Fred Thomspon is one. People have no problem saying they wouldn't be surprised if Thomspon wins the nomination, but when someone says Ron Paul has a legit chance they will not take it. How does this work? It doesn't. The GOP is truly flawed as is the elections in this age.

The media is having an effect on the elections, and is basically being given power to choose candidates. The media can choose who they want to cover and who they cover is who the people see. The media can pretty much keep a serious candidate from winning if they don't want him to win by keeping him off their station. The media is a negative effect on fair elections. I am not saying it is a negative effect on elections, but it does not allow for fair elections.

It is time for us, as American citizens, to take back our country and find some way to get the media to recognize all candidates and allow for a fair election that will give people the knowledge to choose the person they see as the best candidate, whoever that may be.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Dollar in Ten Years without Ron Paul

One of the major selling points Ron Paul had to get me to support him is his stance on the soundness of the American dollar. It has made me think about what will be made of the dollar if Ron Paul cannot win the election and work to return to a sound dollar.

None of the other candidates in this election have even said anything about the dollar which means chances are they arent thinking about it. This means that these candidates will probably continue the unsafe spending of presidents in recent history. We have been spending more than we have and the country is in a $3 trillion debt. Yet we are still printing more and more paper money everyday, but not getting any real money to back it up as we are actually losing money each day. The value of the dollar goes down with each bill printed, with each day, with each loan we take out from another country.

If we leave this to be fixed by a president who isn't even talking about it how can we move increasing the value of the dollar? The value of a dollar is as low as it has ever been and decreasing each day. I am scared to think about what my life will be like in 10 years with a low valued dollar. What will I be getting each day for work? Nothing? Close to it. Think of how hard traveling overseas will become. Trading currency will be nearly impossible. You will need twice as many dollars to get a certain amount of foreign currency as you do today.

That is one of my major hooks that have me connected to Ron Paul. Ron Paul had me when he talked about returning to sound money. I am still young and this is a big part of my future. He has me with how he plans to cut government spending so we do not need to loan as much and can begin to pay off our debts. As we pay of these debts we will be returning value to our dollar because our money will not just be paper, it will not belong to another country, it will belong to us and the paper dollars will be back by our country's gold and that is what we truly need. We cannot stay a power or have any economic standing in the world in the future if we cannot return to a sound dollar and that is what has me following Ron Paul.

Candidates Rely too Much on Advisers

In recent news Mitt Romney's advisers have told him not to give a speech on his Mormon faith. This brings me to wonder whether or not the actual candidates can do much of anything on their own without advisers. Romney had said he wanted to give a speech to explain his Mormon faith, but his political advisers are telling him not to.

So this brings me to this thought. Politicians rely too much on their advisers. As voters, are we voting for a candidate or his advisers? It seems as though we vote for their advisers. The candidates are just their because of their history, but what they do on campaigns to get people to vote for them looks as if their advisers are the ones telling them what to do.

Think about this, most candidates have some one who writes their speeches, so how do you know if what the candidate is saying is what he wants to be saying. An advisers usually tells candidates where to campaign, so how do you know if the candidate truly feels like getting the type of people his advisers tell him to go after?

The campaigns of each man have so many different employees and advisers, it makes me wonder. How can a person run our country if they can't run their own campaign? How can we expect the candidate to make the right decisions in the White House if he can't even make his own decisions to get to the White House?

I do not think that I can trust a candidate to run the country that I love and live for if he cannot do much of anything on his own. I can understand if you have some employees because you can't campaign everywhere at once, but having other people tell you what to give speeches on or not should not be part of these campaigns.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

What Impact does the New Hampshire Primary have on Ron Paul?

Here I pose a question to you and I ask for your feedback on this one. What effect will the New Hampshire primary, the first primary, have on Ron Paul and his chances at the Republican presidential bid?

The New Hampshire primary, being the first primary in the nation, sets the tone for the rest of the nation's primaries and caucuses. The primary is known as a key one to win and has a big impact on the campaigns for the rest of the primary season.

I believe that this state can make or break the chances of Ron Paul.

If Ron Paul happens to win this state it will give the media nothing to talk bad about him with. It will finally silence the media and they won't be able to use the "spam" excuse and say his voters cheated in the primary. It will also give him an extra boost in publicity as the media surely can't ignore Ron winning this state and if it does it will give all of us supporters more to feed to others on how he has been shut down by the media. This boost will give Ron Paul nearly all the moment going into the other states and will allow people to feel possible more comfortable voting him knowing he has a chance (I do know of many people who vote for their second favorite candidates because their first they believe has no chance of winning).

On the other side of the wall, if Ron Paul doesn't win the state, even if its by the slimmest of margins, the media will keep feeding the "Ron Paul has no chance and is made up of only supporters who make him look popular". The media will continue to make him out as a failure even this early in the primary season. Media is Ron's biggest enemy and if he doesn't do well early they will make him seem like an unpopular choice overall making him less popular to those who have yet to vote.

That is my input, but this something I want to hear from what other supporters or naysayers have to say. So leave some comments and I will respond. I would like to see what is seen out there about Ron Paul and what he needs early.

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Why Is Ron Paul So Popular? I Like Him

I have been supporting Ron Paul for awhile now, but with his support growing quickly, I wanted to ask: Why is Ron Paul so popular? I support him and below are the reasons that I think most people are supporting him for.

Ron Paul seems to be the only real conservative in the race. Even some Democrats seem more conservative than some Republican candidates. So why are all the Republican candidates claiming they are the most conservative? Why does every Republican compare himself to Reagan? If you look at their views on issues, you see they are not conservative. So if they lie about how conservative they are to get a few extra votes, how are they honest enough to lead our country? The answer is they are not. I would have no problem with candidates that weren't as conservative as Ron Paul, but only if they didn't lie about it.

Ron Paul to me seems to be the only candidate close to being conservative. He is the only one who openly speaks of abolishing some government agencies that are basically not needed. He is also one of the only candidate who does not talk about how much they are going to change the country on their own, which means with the federal government. Paul speaks about not changing the country on his own, but allowing more freedom to each state to make it's choice, which will ultimately all the people to choose by region or area and will also cut spending by not having to pay for everything needed for the federal government to get something done.
Ron Paul is also against war, another usually Republican and conservative view. Why do so many "Republicans" support the war, which has been against the party mostly since before Bush? The party needs somebody to get them back on the values they have held for years. I believe that man is Ron Paul and that is why I support him as the presidential candidate for the Republican bid. I want to get back to the ideas of our former leaders. I want to get back to the Constitution.

The Constitution was not written for no reason. It was written to keep this country under control. So why do we have so many politicians and government officials going against the document written to keep us as free country? Government has way too much power and is easily ignoring the Constitution. Ron Paul believes in the Constitution and I believe is one of the only candidates who will actually attepmt to do what he says.

That is all I have to say about conservatism and Ron Paul. My last point is Ron Paul is one of the only candidates against interventionism which will lessen our debt, give us more money to spend to better the country, and is the only candidate that I think will be able to unite this country.

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Friday, November 9, 2007

Are closer primaries going to hurt Ron Paul?

With the primaries being punished by the GOP for moving their date up, yet still refusing to move them back, I have one question. Will the closer primary/caucus dates hurt Ron Paul?

My thought would be yes. It gives Ron less time to advertise and gain more on the GOP poll leaders. It also gives him the disadvantage of not having extra time to campaign. I believe that with him being less known due to less time to publicize himself, his chances of winning are slimmer. I am not saying he can't win, and I sure hope he does, but is it possible without the extra time.

Ron Paul needs to get into more debates also, and with FOX trying to keep from their debates, it also again keeps his publicity down and his message spreading unspread. Not only does he need to be in debates but he needs to participate in them more actively and if he does not have the extra months to join debates, he will not get the extra participation he needs. Debates aren't just going to let him go from almost no time to significant time in one debate and that is why he needs more debates.

Personally, I think the closer dates for these primaries and caucuses will hinder his chances. Let me know what you think.

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Review: Ron Paul Interviewed on The Situation Room

Today Ron Paul was interviewed on The Situation Room. The Interview will be replayed during today's 6PM ET show if you missed it. Now how did it go for Congressman Paul?

The interview went fairly well for Ron Paul. He was asked some tough questions in the short time and put in a tough situations having to do with some of the things that he was the only voter in Congress voting no, but he backed his reasons well and defended himself flawlessly without going away from his values one bit.

When asked why he voted no to giving Rosa Parks a gold member, he covered it perfectly by first saying that he had no problem giving her the medal. He stated that he would give her the medal if the American people did not have to pay for it. He even said he would pitch in to pay for it and all congressmen should too instead of making the people pay for it. Typical of Ron Paul and I think it was perfect for the time that got his message across.

He also was persuasive on how big the Ron Paul bandwagon is by acknowledging how little he had to do with This November Fifth.

Overall I would say this short interview went well. He said nothing that would jeopardize his campaign, even when the questions asked seemed to be trying to jeopardize his campaign by making him look heartless. He turned around those questions to hurt him into answers that should help him. The viewers watching that didn't previously know much about Ron Paul will have more reason to look him up and possible support him than they have to ignore him because of what Ron Paul said. Good interview Ron.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ron Paul on Rise

I have decided that I will be posting a daily article about Ron Paul everyday. I am a Ron Paul supporter and feel that I need to write about him. Check back each night and there will be a new Ron Paul article for you to read.

Today I will focus on Ron Paul and This November Fifth's impact on the media and publicity of Ron Paul.

Many know of Ron Paul's record breaking fundraising money on November 5th. But what effect does it have on Ron Paul in the media and Ron Paul publicity?

Ron Paul has been left out of many debates, he is despised by FOX, and has even had his discussions banned by Sean Hannity. But this event has brought his name in national media all over. Ron Paul is finally getting his name and all supporters of him are liking the publicity. So with supporters constantly begging for more coverage of Ron Paul, why is FOX and Hannity refusing to cover him? This is one thing I don't understand. CNN has no problem covering Ron Paul. MSNBC has no problem covering Ron Paul. Why does FOX have that problem with covering Ron Paul?

The publicity on CNN (he will be on The Situation Room tomorrow) is certainly going to give him a better shot at winning with more people knowing about him, but FOX is deliberately leaving him out of debates or keeping his participation in debates to a minimal. In a few upcoming debates in key primary states, FOX has refused to allow Ron Paul join the debates.

I would like to see some sort of revolt or something that will get Ron Paul back on FOX or another action, possibly by another TV station, to get Paul in the mainstream media without FOX. I mean, look what it would be like if Paul wins the nomination. Will FOX still keep him off of their station? How would that work?

Adam "Pacman" Jones remains Suspended for Season

Troubled Tennessee Titans cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones recently met with commissioner Roger Goodell and was told that he will remain suspended for the remainder of his season-long suspension. Jones was suspended by Goodell for the 2007 season following multiple run-ins with police and his posse being involved in a fight in Las Vegas where gunshots from Jones' group left a security guard paralyzed.

Jones was given the option to meet with Goodell after 10 games to analyze his suspension. If he was found to have served his suspension well without any trouble, Goodell could have lifted his suspension.

The thing we saw when Tank Johnson and Chris Henry had to finish their suspensions after meeting with Goodell was certainly bad news for Jones. We know Goodell is hard and doesn't look like he has any plans to go soft on anybody. Is this what the NFL needs to straighten its players?

What does this mean for Pacman? What does this mean for the Titans?

Well the Titans knew about Pacman's suspension before the season and they picked up players to fill his spot. The only effect this will have on the Titans is the return game. The defense has been better this year with Nick Harper, Cortland Finnegan, Reynaldo Hill, and Kelly Herndon playing superbly this season.

To Pacman this doesn't really mean anything. It hurts his career, but he will most likely come in fit and ready to play next year. He has already served the first 10 games and I don't think it will affect him too much to miss the last 6.

Is Brownback's Support Enough for McCain

Just weeks after dropping out of the race for the GOP bid for President, former hopeful Sam Brownback makes the decision to give his support to still hopeful John McCain. With McCain recently falling from polls and spiraling downward, I ask "Is Brownback's support enough to significantly help out the McCain campaign?"

Certainly Brownback's backing of McCain will help him, but really the only state Brownback had real strong support in was Iowa, and we cannot guarantee that even most of Brownback supporters will follow him to McCain. Certainly some of them will as they care only about Brownback, but others may not. Especially with McCain's take on same-sex marriage not being what Brownback supported and why some supporters supported Brownback.

This also comes on the heels of Paul Weyrich, a Moral Majority co-found, giving his backing to Mitt Romney and Pat Robertson, a televangelist, beginning to support Rudy Guiliani. You have to wonder if Brownback's support is even close to what Weyrich and Robertson bring to the campaigns of Romney and Guiliani respectively. Can Brownback's support help McCain compete with Guiliani and Romney? Can Brownback's support bring McCain back to the top of polls? We will have to wait for primaries to see how it really pays off.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ron Paul's Big Day

I am an avid supporter of Ron Paul and was waiting for yesterday to happen. I knew what This November Fifth was, but I had no idea it would be so big. Ron Paul supporters donated $5 each on This November Fifth. He totaled $4.2 million in donations in just that one day. Those are record breaking numbers for single day fundraising. This truly shows the number of supporters out there for Ron Paul. The media may finally take knowledge of who Ron Paul is and cover him like the do with other top candidates. This event happened just in time too. His name will now be out there right before primaries and caucuses in Iowa, South Carolina, and New Hampshire(all key states) and Paul will be fresh in voters mind. I think he has a legitimate chance of winning some states. For those of you who don't know Ron Paul let me tell you some facts.
  • He has never voted to raise taxes
  • He is for a balanced budget
  • He does not want gun restriction
  • He does not want to raise congressional pay
  • He voted against the Iraq War
  • He is not taking his congressional pension

Look him up on google or go to and learn.

Steelers Rolling

Two years ago the Steelers seemed to be a team everybody loved. They had their improbable run to win the Super Bowl. Jerome Bettis played the last game of his career in his hometown for the Super Bowl victory and Big Ben stepped in and became a young quarterback worth discussing.

Last year they failed to make the playoffs. Big Ben had a horrible season throwing more interceptions than touchdowns and missing games due to a motorcycle accident and an appendectomy.

This year they were under the radar after last season's performance. They weren't talked about much. And this year they are playing like they did in 2005. Ben is throwing the ball accurately and taking control of his offense. The defense is shutting other teams down consistently. The running game isn't as strong as a typical Steeler team but it is still strong. Who should credit for this year be going to? Should we give credit to Big Ben for taking a bigger leadership role? The defense for getting the offense the ball? The coaches for giving the offense more freedom? Tell me what you think and how far the Steelers will go? You certainly have to consider a strong playoff run with their dominance of the Eagles in last night's game.