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Friday, November 16, 2007

Ron Paul in Rudy 300

I have just seen the Rudy 300 video made by a Rudy Guiliani supporter and I saw Ron Paul in the video of supposed "villains" to America. I have to ask this though, Ron Paul a villain but not Kerik? Oh yeah, thats right Rudy supports Kerik. Whose the one with villainoues ties now? Ron Paul? Nope. Rudy Guiliani? Yes.

I find this video overly hypocritic of putting in it Ron Paul, who has never had any socialization with a major criminal. Should they have put Rudy in the movie too, even though it was for him. If we want to be politically correct, they should have because Rudy has multiple ties to crime, especially with new ones breaking the surface. But remember this is the Rudy campaign supporters, and they aren't politically correct so why make their video politically correct?

Ron Paul as a threat to America? Ron Paul is the answer to threats to America. Ron Paul will save money by protecting America with DEFENSE (it is called the Department of Defense, not Offense). Ron Paul can threaten our government how? Nobody knows because that question is an incorrect question. He can't threaten the government.

Rudy Guiliani on the other hand sure can. Rudy, with his criminal ties in NYC, has already let one disaster happen in 9/11 (better security next time buddy). And now we want to trust him with the whole country. Stupid. Rudy has stated he has no problems going into Iran and Pakistan. So let's see here, thats more troops we have to send there meaning that is more troops we have here to SECURE our borders and protect the people. How is starting wars protecting the people? It's not, it's endangering the people.

Still think Ron Paul is a criminal? You must be too scared of him that you the maker of this video had to portray him as a villain. Rudy Guiliani is the real criminal to the American people.

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