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Monday, November 12, 2007

Ron Paul ahead of Thompson in New Hampshire, still a long shot

In recent poll in New Hampshire Ron Paul is polling ahead of a so called GOP front-runner in Fred Thompson. Ron Paul is still considered a long shot however. Ron Paul is also dangerously close to passing Thompson in Iowa.

So I have to wonder, how is Ron Paul a long shot while Thompson is still a front-runner? Ron Paul polls ahead of Thompson in two of the most important primary states. Ron Paul is clearly still on the rise as his polling numbers have been increasing steadily throughout the year.

The media is finally taking note of Ron Paul as a serious candidate also. He is getting publicity through media that is not trying to put him down and relish him to nothing. Recently he has had more coverage on CNN by far than Thompson, and I am not just talking about after the money-bomb, but also before. Ron Paul also fundraises as a front-runner.

This is what truly puzzles me. The coverage and fundraising and polling is as good or better for Ron Paul than Fred Thomspon, yet nobody is recognizing Paul as a front-runner, but have no problem in saying Fred Thomspon is one. People have no problem saying they wouldn't be surprised if Thomspon wins the nomination, but when someone says Ron Paul has a legit chance they will not take it. How does this work? It doesn't. The GOP is truly flawed as is the elections in this age.

The media is having an effect on the elections, and is basically being given power to choose candidates. The media can choose who they want to cover and who they cover is who the people see. The media can pretty much keep a serious candidate from winning if they don't want him to win by keeping him off their station. The media is a negative effect on fair elections. I am not saying it is a negative effect on elections, but it does not allow for fair elections.

It is time for us, as American citizens, to take back our country and find some way to get the media to recognize all candidates and allow for a fair election that will give people the knowledge to choose the person they see as the best candidate, whoever that may be.

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Cleaner44 said...

Ron Paul can no longer be labeled a "long shot" candidate. He has clearly surpassed John McCain and is now a "top tier" candidate. I have created a website to support this statement.

Please visit and judge for yourself.