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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mukasey Sworn in As Attorney General

Michael Mukasey was sworn in as the attorney general today by President Bush. He says he plans to be independent. He seems like he should have been the right man for the job long ago. With 18 years of experience, he is known as a fair judge while he served on the bench after being appointed by President Reagan. He is praised for making the right calls in key cases involving terrorism. He has also been the Chief Judge of the Federal Court system.

Mukasey is known for his toughness on national security cases, especially terrorism, while still being fair. He remained tough on those in the trial of 1995 for the 1993 planned terrorist attack on New York City by sentencing the two main defendants to life in prison. He also maintained that the government could hold Jose Padillas without charging him. He did, however, allow Padillas to meet with his lawyers, which is required to have a fair trial.

Mukasey is the right man for this job. He is a tough judge that won't budge on things that the Constitution says to charge for. He makes sure the punishments are severe enough to make the point of the trial worth it. He also is an acception to what most of us are used to, government corruption. He has allowed fair trials to his cases by allowing the defendants to meet with lawyers and give them a fair trial with an unbiased view. He doesn't let his views get in the way of true justice and that is what makes him a good judge. A judge must remain open to the trial and allow a fair trial without letting personals get in the way of another person's future. Mukasey allows this. He is the right man for this job with his expertise, experience, and fairness in law.

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